Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Geese Have Landed

For anyone looking for quilting output here, you'll be disappointed, but spring has sprung and outdoor work takes priority!  Right now we're in those magical two weeks when the leaves are out, the trees are blooming and the air brims with possibility.  (as opposed to last week when manure spreading was happening--no magic there!) For those of you with no winter, you can't imagine the joy we all feel when the sun feels warm and everything is green.

Faithful companion and I took our favourite walk this morning.  It's also a fave with local wildlife and there was lots of bear "signs" and deer tracks.

Anyway, geese.  This month's Wee Bee blocks asked for flying geese, another block I haven't made a lot of.  There's a certain irony about the flying geese block this month.  Every morning at 5 am, a pair of geese make a flyby over our house. Why, I don't know, but I'm not always thrilled about the ecstatic honking only feet above the roof, and our bedroom.  I think maybe they're excited about the sun rising and are taking their equivalent of the Sunday drive.  Sometimes they land on the pond, but they never nest there.

So, sewing geese.  When I sew for myself, I'm somewhat slapdash and carefree.  (That's my story and I'm sticking with it)  But when I sew for others I feel like I have to hold myself to a higher standard.  So I wasn't pleased when my geese had no points.  I reread the instructions and saw that I had to sew a "scant" 1/4 inch seam, the quilting equivalent of a pinch of salt.  After much muttering and perhaps a curse or two, I nailed the scanty seam and whipped off a couple of blocks.  I'm on a roll now and might make a few more!

Truly, the pleasure of bees is to be able to make lots of blocks without having to put anything together!

This one looks very anemic--blame it on poor lighting because it's actually nice and bright.

I was lucky to have my daughter home this weekend and we visited my mother at her nursing home.  She was absolutely thrilled to see her (me she sees all the time so it's less thrilling!) and also to be able to go outside and sit on the porch.  So here's a picture of my bookends.


  1. very nice blocks. I love watching the geese

  2. Great lookin' blocks. It appears as if it was a nice 'girl's day out.'

  3. Your Geese could to my house anytime! And I just love the picture if your bookends!!!

  4. Very nice geese blocks and sweet photo of your mom and daughter.

  5. Oh, Margaret! Your flowering tree is gorgeous! And who would not wish to be outside in such beautiful weather? Your geese are grand. Glad to see you were able to visit with both of your happy looking bookends!