Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Time to get out the feather duster and clean the cobwebs off my blog!  I have many things on my design wall, all in a perfect state of unfinishedness,  but, you know, it's summer (oh, wait, maybe it's not!). The leaves are changing colour daily and we've already had a couple of hard frosts.

I did realize that I never blogged about my second-ever quilt.  Of course not, I didn't blog at the time, but we are talking a while ago here.  I decided to make a red, black and white quilt for my mother's bed shortly after she moved into assisted living.  I randomly bought all sorts of fat quarters and yardage from on line sources and set to work.  Of course, I had no pattern and was just winging it as I went along, something I do a lot and something that doesn't always work out.  But anyway, it finished out at a twin bed size and mum loved it.

It's funny, but sometimes I think that the less I "knew" about quilting the more carefree I was.  I quilted however I wanted, I cut and sliced with no worries that it wouldn't work, and generally just had fun.

I still have fun, but seem to worry more about making it right.  Silly me, it's right if I say it is! To take this shot I was teetering on top of an old milk can, but all went well.

This week marks the beginning of the end of the ladies afternoon bridge club.  The first of the snowbirds leaves on Friday, and the others will head off one by one until I'm the only one left.  I decided to use my cards fabric to make a little pouch for Linda to take with her. I did my best to give her good cards, and an ace and king isn't bad!

The inside is a word search pattern to give a nod to her long career as an English teacher.

This summer was the summer of the roof.  After 25 years, it was time to replace the old one and we decided to go with tin.  I do love the sound of rain on a tin roof.  We were lucky with the weather in the month it took to do the job, but there were a couple of days of tarps and high winds--never a good combination.  One of our nephews gave a hand for two days, which really helped.

He also took this terrific shot of the mountains and almost done peak.  Neil has no fear of heights, but just going up the ladder to hold something makes my legs start to shake.

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  1. your mum's quilt is lovely, great design, even if there wasn't a design!

  2. I'm all for winging it and it definitely looks like it works for you - I love how your quilt turned out. I have a black and white quilt in my mental to do list and now I am thinking about taking a leaf from your book and adding in a good dose of red - it works so well.

  3. Funny, somedays I think I felt freer when I was learning as well... all those years ago ;-) That quilt for your mom is fabulous.

  4. The quilt you made for your mother is quite beautiful! I love this mix of black, red and white. They make a sophisticated top for a bed.