Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rolling Stone

Last week I was all about my delectable mountain blocks which didn't work out for my bee blocks, but I found a solution--the rolling stone block!  Mountains, stones, see the connection?  When I made one to see how it looked, I realized that although it's called rolling stone, it could actually be called a flower.  At the end of January how could I resist something floral.

I don't reinvent the wheel here, so I won't give a blow by blow of process.  If you're interested, I found very good instructions here. It's my go-to site for 12 inch blocks and usually, the directions are simple and well explained.

I decided to go with small floral fabrics, brights and anything that made me think of spring.  My first block sold me on the idea.  Really, anything with polkadots is a shoo-in.

Then I made another just to confirm that I loved the idea.

And before I knew it there were four up on the wall and I will look forward to see what my bee mates make with their stash.

Winter is still upon us with cold temperatures and lots of snow.  But on the plus side, the days are getting longer and the light is very different during the day.  You've got to be a hopeful kind of person when you live in the northern hemisphere.

On cold mornings Mont Sutton starts making snow long before dawn.

As I have mentioned before, my mother  lives in a nursing home and is very well looked after, but she is starting to lose her speech, making it difficult for us to have any chats together.  Lately I've been taking my recorders down when I visit.  I play some music for her and I guess for the rest of the rooms on the hallway too.  So far no one has complained.  It gives her pleasure and I'm happy to do it.

On a sad note, my faithful companion of 13 years is no longer with me.  For all of you who have known and loved a dog, when I say she was the best of dogs, you know what I mean.  I miss her terribly and keep thinking that I hear her coming down the hall.  I am still surprised to I find my shoes where I left them as one of her favourite pastimes was collecting footwear to decorate her bed.
I have been lucky in the dogs I've had over the years--she won't be the last probably.

Have a good week and don't forget to make something!


  1. Sorry for the loss of your pal! They enrich our lives so much rather have had them for that short time than not at all. Love the colours in your rolling stone blocks. Looks like a happy vibrant quilt.

  2. Great blocks. Sorry for your loss. I still miss my kitty and it's been a whole year. Hugs.

  3. Lovely blocks. Sorry to hear about the passing of your pup.

  4. Your new blocks are very crisp and colourful. They'll make a fun quilt. :-) What a lovely idea to communicate with your mother through music. So sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved pooch. My older cat, a big guy named Diesel (for his purrrrrr) disappeared in early September (I think he went deliberately)...and I still miss him.

  5. You have my deepest sympathies for the loss of your lovely dog, mine just where very surprised by some in-memoriam hugs.
    What a great idea to make some music for your mom and her companions.
    Your blocks are so very fresh, one has trouble seeing the staid rolling stones block in them, they really look more like flowers.