Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Heart Happy

This month I made hearts for my bee blocks and really like them.  Somehow, in my mind, there's nothing like patchwork and just digging out all my scraps from the pink/purple and the blue/teal stash piles made me happy.  It leaves chaos in sewing world, but that's all right.  I particularly like the little birds I fussy cut for each block.

After this exercise I realized that my stash was actually getting low.  Last year I swore not to buy anything except solids until a significant dent was made on the shelves.  I have been very successful at that, so today I went shopping to an actual fabric store and browsed their cotton remnants.  I used to buy all my fabric on line, but with the Canadian dollar so low compared to the American, I don't do that anymore.

In particular, I was looking for greens and was successful! Although, the colours look a lot fresher in person than in the photo.

I was looking for something different to sash my rolling stone blocks and decided on a green fabric that made me think of buds and branches.  I think it plays well with the blocks.

With the beautiful spring weather there's been lots of outside work to be done, but at least Neil got his potatoes planted.  He doesn't care about anything else, but spuds are the high point of any meal in his opinion! He's a true country boy.


  1. I agree, the little fussy cut birds are perfect! And three cheers for stash rebuilding!!!

    I came here from the Let's Bee Social link-up, and wanted to invite you to one we host called Crafty Comment Karma. It goes up each Friday and is open to any crafty, quilting or sewing links! I hope you'll come join us:

  2. The green fabric for the sashing is so bright and fun with your blocks! Congratulations for making a big enough dent in your stash to justify going fabric shopping. It always feels like a fun treat for me when that happens.

  3. Love those heart blocks. The green sashing on the rolling stones blocks looks great.