Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Following Along

The drunkard's path that is.....

I've wanted to make a quilt with circles for a long time but never mustered up my courage to do it.  But last week I thought about the three different baby quilts I want to make and decided it was a perfect opportunity to play with circles.

I bought a little fat quarter bundle with owls, mushrooms, and polkadots and paired it with fabric from my stash.  I created my own circle template after looking at a few tutorials and ended up with four 6-5-inch drunkard path blocks that sewed up into a 12-in block.  I didn't overthink fabrics and probably should have used more white for negative space, but I'm always happy with a riot of colour.

The quilting was simple and just followed the lines and circles, so there was a lot of stopping and starting.

Since it was for a baby I got to use up a lot of my little animal prints.

But I never got to the binding as my brother-in-law from Vancouver Island was with us visiting, so the family got involved in one of its favourite activities, brush clearing and bonfires.  The weather was cool and rainy while he was here, so a great time to get out and work!

Neil and Bob cut down lots of saplings on one day, and then we burned everything the next day.

The smoke keeps the mosquitos away too!


  1. I've also been shying away from circle quilts, Margaret. Thanks for sharing your experience; you've given me some confidence to try.

  2. Lovely job on the baby quilt, I'm sure the little one with enjoy it a lot.

    Isn't life on the west coast grand!

  3. It looks like you've got a lot of really fun scraps in there. I can remember snuggling up in a few favorite quilts when I was just a girl and I would always study each little print, marveling at the interesting combinations... this will be one of those kind of quilts. I'm working on a scrap quilt right now, and am trying to figure out if I would like to make it a baby quilt. I've got a good deal of little animal prints in there, which would be just perfect.

    Greetings from Germany!

  4. Such cute fabrics. I too would like to make a circle quilt but haven't gotten the courage.