Sunday, October 18, 2015


It's time to start sewing again-the first snow is falling and the leaves are just slightly past their peak colour.  They've been late this year, but as always, my heart loves the view from my side porch.

As I was being good and getting my sewing bee blocks done, my second floor view kept distracting me.

Once they're gone it'll be six months before we see green again.  (Best not to think about it.)

For September,  the Queen Bee wanted baskets and sent along some orange fabric so that we would all be coordinated.  It was a heavy half square triangle affair, not something I love doing.  It's not that they're difficult or that my points don't line up.  No, it's that I'm lazy and hate trimming down all the blocks to the right size.  Honestly, every time  I see a beautiful quilt full of triangles, I marvel at the creator's patience.

Anyway, my two blocks came out fine, (I think!)

As you see, no point issues, just laziness.

September is also the time for our local agricultural fair, the Brome Fair.  It's always a great time with barns to visit, food to eat and people to chat with.  The chatting is almost the best part.  I'm very fond of goats and this year there were a few examples getting prettied up for their class.

The sheep were keeping clean in anticipation of their big moment.

Although one was getting a "do" and looked a bit sheepish about it all.

The driving classes are always great fun, with lots of participation and beautiful wagons and buggies.

  It's a labour of love to get these big ones ready for the show ring.

And, just for a final dose of adorable, look at this one.


  1. you are right...perfect points! Great job. I must admit that I am often not that careful 1

  2. Gorgeous colours in your photos and quilts! Your blocks look just fine to me.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wed!