Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kalihna's Quilt

I finished and gifted my latest quilt to a new baby girl, Kalihna.  My niece loves blue so I bought  a fat quarter bundle of the Bluebird line from Cotton and Steel and got to it.

Spread out and pinned, I was really pleased at how the pink stood out and that it was very flat with no puckers or wavy edges.

My sewing machine got very cranky during the quilting process and I wasn't sure it was going to last until the end, but luckily it did and I did a simple cross hatch quilt on the diagonal.

I was pleased at how the pink popped and caught my eye.

I had some lime green alphabet fabric to use as binding, and again, it seemed to brighten some of the more somber blues.

 The backing is a Heather Ross print, name unknown, but it is absolutely perfect for a baby girl quilt.

Here it is posed again on a camelback trunk that's been in the family for a long time. Since my in-laws have lived on this farm since 1803, it has to be older than that.  I bet it could tell some stories.

I'm so pleased to get my sewing oomph back and have another plan for a quilt gently percolating in the back of my mind!


  1. I like your fabric choices very much.... especially the binding! Great finish.

  2. visiting from crazy mum quilts. I love this, the pink and the green just make the rest pop and gives a very artistic impression. I love cross style quilts so this really appeals. Am going to try to pin the photo in my "must make" list. Thanks for sharing and I am thrilled I found your post.

  3. Oh my goodness, just reading other posts and I find that you have been to my country!! I live in NZ in the Shaky south, just 15 mins north of Christchurch. Hope you like NZ

  4. Hi - thanks for popping over to my blog. Love your blue quilt - must be something in the air! I too am a retired teacher - quilting is so much fun!

  5. It's a lovely quilt. The pink just pops out and lifts it and the green is the perfect binding. My quilting enthusiasm has been very much up and down over the years too. Sometimes a break followed by a change of style and it all comes flooding back.

  6. Very nice indeed - I love blues too and the other colours give the quilt a real lift.

  7. I love the pop of pink in this beautiful quilt. I also use the term "percolate" when it comes to quilts and quilting designs. It's very valuable for me to let something simmer a bit before embarking.