Monday, April 15, 2013

Maybe It's Spring

Today the sun is shining--that sounds like it's no big deal, but after a weekend of snow, freezing rain, hail, rain, sleet, wind and generalized crud, it's wonderful.  To celebrate an above freezing temperature, I got the rake out and took off the dead leaves from the flower beds.  Some poor daffodils were trying to grow and after only two days of no snow on the bed, I found a tiny crocus bravely blooming.

With such lovely weather all weekend, I did manage to finish my purple striped socks.  I went back to knitting from the cuff down with these.  I also started another pair, but not for me this time.

Along with warmer weather, it was time to get the vet for shots and teeth filing to get ready for the summer season.  While waiting for her to arrive, I tried to scrape off the mud and dirt, but it was a hopeless task.  As soon as they went back outside they were rolling in the muckiest place they could find!

They both look so innocent as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths don't they!

However, they are not huge fans of the mouth apparatus and teeth filing.  Judging how tense and foolish I get at the dentist, I can't say as I blame them.  It's also a nasty job giving Joker cortisone shots in his front feet--lots of leaping backwards and holding on tight.  I was too busy dancing around to get any pictures of that!  Anyway, it's done and once the blacksmith comes tomorrow, it'll be time to get going again.  Yippee!

And just to prove that once in a while I do win at cards, I annoyed my husband enormously by taking a picture of my winning cribbage game yesterday.  Of course, today I lost, but there's no picture of that!

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