Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces

In between hospital visits and garden work  there hasn't been too much actual quilting, but a few things are in the works.  Another pair of socks is well underway, with one sock completed and another getting along towards the toe.

Since I took the picture I have done another few inches (actually finished them today!)  I tried using circular needles, but found them very fiddly.  I guess it's what you're used to.

Another work in progress is the weather.  I think spring might actually be here, judging by the state of the roads and the few brave flowers that are showing.  I love the way these chiondoxa spread have tumbled out of the flower bed and spread into the lawn.  I'm glad that they are blooming before the grass starts to grow as I hate to mow in that area while I can still see blue.

Unfortunately the roads aren't as attractive.  In between the mud holes and frost heaves, it is impossible to drive in a straight line.  We all swerve and dodge from good spot to good spot while avoiding the deep ruts left by the school bus.  Once the frost has come out, the graders will get busy, but that won't be for a while.

I did sew two little items.  I made a mini quilt to practice the dresden quilt block--not something I would want to do over and over for an entire quilt, but it was an interesting experiment.   I got to use up some red, black and white scraps that are leftover from my mother's quilt.

Finally, a little zippy pouch for my daughter's blood pressure cuff--who can resist a donkey?  When I saw this fabric I knew I had to buy it as there are two hugely entertaining donkeys who live down the road.  They are supposed to guard their flock of sheep, but they much prefer ear rubs and heehawing!


  1. Hi there Margaret, thanks for visiting me. I love your socks; I hope the recipient likes them. The dresden mini wallhanging is very modern looking with those fabrics. I'm sure your daughter will like her personalized cuff case...so pratical. How is it that you have flowers blooming in your area of Quebec? Nothing is budding here yet :(

  2. Love the Dresden and that cute little pillow

  3. Great socks. I tried socks once, well sock anyway. There is still only one. Very nice Dresden plate and the donkeys are just so cute. I love their boots.

  4. Cute pouch. I love the donkeys! I've been into making zippered pouches lately too. I always have socks on the go too.

  5. Loving those donkeys and the quilting on your Dresden and your Scrappy Trip quilt is really smashing :)