Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sweet Season

I can't say that it's actually spring, but there are signs of it.  The turkey vultures are back, the geese are circling over the swamp and the ducks are squabbling over nesting spots at the pond.    

One reliable sign of spring is maple syrup.  We no longer make it ourselves, but do enjoy helping friends when they do it.  I have such happy memories of being in the sugar house with the children when they were little, toasting sandwiches under the arch and smelling that unmistakable syrup smell.  Climate change has made the syrup season shorter and less reliable, but it is still such a wonderful time of the year.  

Barry's syrup is a lovely amber colour with a strong maple flavour, so it is so good with pancakes or waffles.  I like to use it in my breads too as it adds a little extra taste.

Spring is mud season here, the cars are caked with it and the dog is continually filthy.  I can't wait to wear shoes, not boots and maybe even go outside without a jacket.  It'll be soon, but never soon enough.

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  1. Turkey vultures sound a bit alarming. I love maple syrup. Ours comes from Canada. It would be nice to taste it freshly made.