Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jelly Roll Jitters

So, work in progress Wednesday and I actually have something from sewing world to show.  A weekend of snow, sleet, rain, hail, and cold weather made it easy to stay inside and play with fabric.

 Since I'm still working from stash, I rummaged around and found a jelly roll of Australian fabric that was given to me last year.  I liked the patterns and colours, but I've never used a jelly roll, so my brain went into blank mode.  Luckily the internet was working despite the crazy weather and I trolled through way too many ideas and finally decided to randomly sew two strips together two and start playing.


Somehow, it wasn't working and I really didn't like what was happening, so back to the internet I went. I found a very jolly lady on YouTube demonstrating a jellyroll technique, and decided to give it a try.  To give credit where due, it was Missouri Star Quilt Co.  So I  sewed, sliced and diced like a dervish and came up with a number of blocks that are OK I guess, but seem very busy when put together.  Maybe with the right sashing the blocks could pop, so I'll play with a bunch of solids and see what happens.

I love the fabrics in the next block.

We'll see how far I get this week, but the sun is shining and there is still a vegetable garden to finish planting!

My morning walk today was through the woods which smelled of wet undergrowth.  It was wonderful and  the dogs had a grand time.  We jumped a deer and I worried that a fawn might be vulnerable and nearby, but the dogs listened and came away with me.

We came across an old tree fort that the kids used back in the day.  It still looks good and I almost climbed up to check it out.  If I hadn't been wearing my good turquoise pants I would have done it!  Next time I'll wear jeans.


  1. Hmmm...yes, those blocks are busy; there's nowhere for the eyes to rest. The top and bottom ones have a bit of a resting place, but none of them is really calm. Perhaps the sashing would help, but I confess it might be better if some solid were inside the blocks...Those fabrics individually look like fun, though!

  2. Love the fabric. Great colours.

  3. Seems we have crazy weather all over the country ... Your blocks look very good, and I am curious how you'll set them together.