Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Change is Hard

Life has been gruelling the last few weeks, both emotionally and physically.  I have moved my mother to a nursing home as she was unable to battle back from her stroke and be able to live as she had.  She requires so much care and every time I see her she seems a bit more transparent.  But she still has her smile and a kind word for everyone so I truly think she is lucky to still have her wits about her.  She has been incredibly brave through the whole process, but it isn't easy for her or for me.

Although she doesn't look like this now, at Christmas, at 92, this is how I like to remember her, with my daughter at her side.

And last week we finally had to move my mother-in-law from the farmhouse she's lived in for 62 years to a safer place for her.  So over an intense 4 day period my husband and his siblings emptied the house and tried to decide who got what and what went where.  Very difficult for them all as this has been a family place since 1803.  Many treasures were discovered and many tears were shed, but it got done.  My poor mother in law was very agitated and confused but she couldn't stay there alone even with us living very close by.

During the emptying we found one old truck full of textiles and quilts and I got to keep a beautiful old quilt that is all hand sewn.  It has faded in places and worn out in others, but my husband's grandmother made it and that makes it precious to me.

As a result of all this work, there hasn't been much time left for sewing, but I did manage to make some new cushion covers for my sofa and love seat.  I had some Echino fabric stashed away with some Essex linen to back them and whipped them up one free afternoon.  I find them happy and cheerful and what else can you ask of your home!

I particularly love the purple one.  I have always wanted a purple sofa, but thought it was too "out there", but who knows, maybe my wish will come true!

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