Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Just Clean Everything!

Not a lot of creative work going on here this week, unless you call sanding and varethaning floors then painting ceilings and walls and washing windows creativity.  It's been a tremendous amount of work for both Neil and me, but it will all be worth it.  I'm hoping to get the furniture back in downstairs tomorrow and then decide what goes back in and what doesn't.  I'm in a dangerous purge mode!

While all this was going on we decided to get back to our camping roots and set up tent in the back yard--within WIFI and cordless phone distance you understand.  We had many offers of beds, but it wasn't too bad, except for the first night when it was -5 degrees.  We both wore tuques!  The dog found this was wonderful as she has never been allowed to sleep with us before.

It was so nice to hear the owls all around us, but less wonderful when the rooster started crowing.

I have taken lots of lovely walks lately, enjoying the many signs of spring.  The cardinals are nesting behind the house and the orioles came back yesterday.  I always wonder if they use last year's nests, but never actually see them there.  But my favorite sound of all is the spring peepers.  They are tiny frogs that sing in their thousands in the ponds and wetlands nearby.  It can be almost deafening, but only lasts for a few weeks during the mating season.  When you are inside most of the winter it is such a joy to be able to connect with the outdoors again.

This wonderful mound of moss covered rocks is right beside the stream bed.

It is rare for the water to be absolutely still, so it was a treat to see such a perfect reflection (that is, until the dog jumped in.)

Here's a gratuitous shot of noble beast before she barks hysterically at figments of her imagination.  I've never had a dog that yodels when she barks like Reb does.

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  1. I think camping in the backyard is really only fun if you are a kid but it does seem as though the dog liked it. He certainly looks handsome.
    Just a reminder that I wil be a no reply blogger because I am using the google plus profile so if you reply you will need to go through my profile icon.