Monday, July 29, 2013

July is Good

Summer is not a productive sewing time for me.  There is always something outside calling to me.  Most mornings I ride, so by the time I'm done and showered, it's time to think about house chores or weeding or visiting my mother or helping with renovations.  

The view between a horse's ears has always been one of my favourites!  Unfortunately July is not the best month to ride due to deer flies.  Nasty biting things are a curse in the woods but with fly masks for the horses and fly whisks for us, we keep going.

Then there's the constant house renovations that go on around here.  Right now it's the roof that's being replaced.  We're putting on tin with the theory that we'll never need to replace it in our lifetime.  Luckily a good friend is helping Neil.  Next winter we'll redo the upstairs bathroom and that will be it.  (I hope!)

July is also the biggest birthday month with me, my daughter, my mother in law, my sister in law, and two nephews.  I was so happy this year that both my kids and my closest niece and nephew were here to help me celebrate.  I'm not one that wants any presents, but a happy meal all together is a joy.  We started the day with pancakes, bacon, maple syrup and strawberries on the porch.

I told everyone that it was a perfect day as I saw everyone that I love the most all in one day!

In between my birthday and my daughter's, the two of us went on a mini vacation to do some hiking and shopping in New Hampshire.  It was very special to spend time together, something that is very difficult to do with her incredibly busy schedule.  Even though it rained we had a great time, laughed a lot, ate a lot, and just enjoyed ourselves.

Last week we went to Mosaiculture at the Jardins Botanique in Montreal.  Different countries erect giant topiaries that depict something special to their culture.  It was amazing to see how realistic the "statues" are and it was also really interesting to see them being pruned and maintained.  We had a perfect day to go--not too hot and not too humid.  A couple of my favourites are below.

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