Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn = Colour

Really, it's a terrible thing to be hoping for a day of rain just so you can catch up with your bee blocks and maybe even write a blog post!

First up, I did complete my churn dash blocks for my bee partner and hope she likes them.  Turquoise, teal and red were requested, so that's what I did.

Those colours are so vibrant, I might as well continue with the equally bright colours of nature!  Such a splendid fall, full of glorious colours and strangely warm weather.  Even today, it's almost 20 degrees, almost unheard of for the middle of October.

From fiery sunrises

Through beautiful blue skies
To splendid sunsets,

it has been great.  I missed about a month in the middle while my husband and I travelled around Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia.  (amazing scenery there too!)

There's been lots of riding too.  Once hunting season starts the end of October, it effectively limits our ability to go into the woods, so we have to ride as much as we can now.  Again, there are no flies even though it's warm, so pretty well every day, off we go!  I love that view of the road between a horse's ears.

I had this all posed beautifully and at the last minute he bunted me in the bag.  Joker is his name and a joker he is.

I'm hoping for more posts and craftiness once the weather changes, but really, I did knit a pair of socks while sitting in the passenger seat on vacation!

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  1. Those churn dash blocks are bright and beautiful and look like a lot of fun to make. Love the fall photos, especially the one from atop the horse. Thanks for sharing, Margaret!