Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lost and Found

Do you ever have moments where you wonder where your brain was!  I know, past a certain age we have those moments every day, but most of the time that recalcitrant thought works its way to the surface and off we go.

Two years ago I was very sick and at the same time my daughter's apartment was robbed and she lost everything of value that she had.  I felt so helpless that I couldn't leap into mum mode and rush off to help her, but in my very fuzzy thinking, I decided to hide my valuables so the same thing wouldn't happen here.  (I know, what was I thinking?)  So I did, I hid them--my rings, bracelets, necklaces, the whole shebang.

A few months later when I was feeling better, my husband and I decided to go out and I went looking for my bijoux, but had a horrible sinking feeling when I realized that they were hidden.  I remembered walking towards my sewing room and nothing after that.  I tore that room apart more than once looking for my treasures and after two years I figured they were gone for good.

Fast forward to yesterday when I realized that I had one week to make a baby quilt for a dear friend's first child and gathered up my courage to approach the sewing machine.  (I have been paralyzed with indecision for weeks--you know, the same old story, everyone on the internet is so creative, so wonderful, so productive etc. and I'm not)

I dragged out some elderly WIPs and thought why not just get those done.  So I went looking for backing and dragged out a pile of solids that I could swear I'd looked through and what went all over the floor, but my jewelry.  In truth, the only things that I had missed horribly were my wedding ring and my engagement ring.  So in one day I found my treasures and my sewing mojo.  A good day!

So what did I whip up?  Well, this orange and brown item that will undoubtedly go as a donation quilt, but it will make someone happy.  I even rigged up a design wall using a dollar store tablecloth to give me some inspiration.

Then I found this little orphan which I think I meant to continue on with to make a low volume quilt.  Maybe I will, or maybe it could be a part of a backing for something else.

And then I cut some simple WOF strips and sewed them together, cut them into squares and then into triangles.  I made a whole bunch of half square triangles and placed them like this.  (The guest room bed doubles as a horizontal design wall.)  I like this combination and will sew it up for the baby quilt.

And then I put my feet up with a cup of tea and some of my Christmas shortbreads.  Yum!

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