Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Really? December?

December already, how can that be?  Today was one of those days where the air is warmer than the snow and the mist rises.  So pretty, but it's hard to get a picture to do it justice.

Many creatures were on the move overnight, from large ones

To small ones...

Now that American Thanksgiving is over we are inundated with commercials inviting us to buy, to give, to want.  Doesn't it bother you?  It bothers me more and more.  Sure, when my children were little there was magic and joy about gift giving and I did a lot of gift giving!  But now we all have so much already that it seems wrong to just buy more stuff.   We decide on what charities or causes we'd like to sponsor and give to them.  Our local hospital is something we always support and I'm very fond of buying a goat for someone through Plan Canada.  

I think I've always wanted goats, but my husband had them before we married and refuses to do that again!  I don't want to sound preachy, because we should all do as we wish and as long as we have someone to be with and invite those who don't, the day will be wonderful.  Plus who can resist singing along to Christmas music.

Anyway, back to handmade stuff.  For full disclosure, you need to know that most people I know get a pair of hand knitted socks this time of year, so I'm not a complete grinch!  But I decided to make something for myself (tired of socks) and made a Honey Cowl that I had bookmarked a long time ago and never got around to.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/honey-cowl  I bought some beautiful Julie Asselin hand dyed yarn from our local yarn shop and enjoyed the whole process.  Don't you find that when a yarn just slides from one needle to another it's a pure joy?

It's grown considerably since the picture and all that's left is the bind off.  I should be wearing it by tomorrow.  

I also finished the baby quilt and mailed it off.  Baby C is still unborn, so maybe it will arrive in time.  I was pleased at how it turned out.  

I still am in love with the backing fabric.  I'm not usually a "cute" person, but I think I could be if someone encouraged me.  In other words, I need a grandchild or two!


  1. Oh Margaret,I so share your sentiments on the commercial push to buy more stuff! Not only does it make the average person feel the MUST buy something, anything, but it makes them feel inadequete if they don't! My family, there are only 4 of us, stopped exchanging gifts when my boys were in their teens! We, not one of us feel like we have missed anything that might have been life changing if we got it! right now I am knitting some dish cloths - I have been out of knitting practice for a few years, then maybe I will tackle a larger project. Love the colours on the baby quilt!

  2. The baby quilt turned out beautifully! I echo your comments about this season. The news coverage on the Black Friday chaos made me sick to my stomach. People getting hurt or even dying for a 'deal'. Ridiculous.

  3. The baby quilt is beautiful Margaret...such soft, pleasant colors