Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I love the word puttering.  It makes me think of little old ladies and gents with misshapen cardigans wandering around lovely English gardens snipping a bloom here and picking up a leaf there.  Well, that's my fantasy anyway.  And here's a gratuitous picture of a flower because winter requires bright colours to chase the blah away.

I am learning to embrace puttering.  At some point every day I might practice my recorder (I decided to relearn it after not playing for 20 years)

 I might go to "sewing world" and play with some scraps for  virtual bees.  I can't find the name of this bee, but think it has the word Modern in it.  I know, right on top of things!

These two blocks are for the WeeBee Canadian.  Fun and fast to make.

Or I might make yet another zippy pouch to give to a friend when we're invited for supper.

I might take out sock yarn and think about casting on a new pair.

I might make a cozy for my Kobo.  It was a gift and was great for travelling last summer, but I still prefer my library books!

I might practice some of the duets I'm working on with a friend (singing)  This spring we're organizing a benefit concert based on the 100th anniversary of World War I.  The songs will all be from that era and some will have an audience singalong component.  Since there is an army base not far from here, we're hoping to get a military band or presence to help underscore what we are raising money for.  We will be supporting a group called Soldier On, that encourages wounded veterans to keep being active.  In this area we have a very good disabled skiing program, but would like to get other initiatives started.  No, I have no affiliation with the military, but I am angry at what the Conservative government is doing by withdrawing support to the young people who have volunteered to serve their country.

So, I feel much like a hummingbird, flitting from one thing to another, but what a joy to be able to do it.  Before I retired my life was full of organization, meetings, stress and remembering a thousand and one things.  Nowadays I'm happy to be a putterer, a gadabout, a flibbertigibbet.  Life is good!


  1. So many interests! I love them all! I am so not musically inclined and so nice to see the recorder having pride of place and the piano too. Puttering. I love to putter and I think that we need to putter if we are to be creative! Putter on Margaret (same name as me ;) ). I think that you visited me on my blog! Nice to make your acquaintance!

  2. I'm so glad to see the recorder. My children learned to play at school.
    Have fun with your flittering.

  3. The Wee Bee Canadian blocks are so colourful. Lovely puttering options!

  4. Enjoy your puttering - it sounds like bliss!

  5. Days when you can putter about are the best. It looks like you're working on some really fun projects.