Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I might have been a little premature about electricity in my "Thankful" post.  It's only been since yesterday that the power has stayed on all day reliably.  Although it's not the end of the world if you get power for 2 hours and then not for 10, it makes it difficult to plan anything, like cooking in the oven, baking bread, sewing, laundry, etc.  But today it's on, and thank goodness as it's -25 outside.  Even with power it takes a lot of wood to keep the house warm.

We played a lot of cribbage and my luck doesn't get any better.  I'm not the person who should go and buy the group's lottery tickets!

Today we went snowshoeing to see how much damage there is in the woods.  Lots.  20-metre pines have the tops snapped out from the weight of the ice still on them.  Many of our trails are impassible due to trees bent right over and now frozen into the ground.  There will be a lot of work in the spring to clean up the mess.  On top of everything else, the tractor was broken for 10 days, so we had to shovel ourselves out by hand more than once.

At least now it's fixed and I've caught up on laundry!

I notice that so many people are publicly putting out their new year's resolutions, but that's not something I believe in.  I really think that we should all strive to better ourselves and be more content with who we are, but an arbitrary resolution doesn't do it for me.  I guess I'm lucky that I'm not overweight, I don't smoke, I don't drink to excess, I eat a healthy diet, and I'm fortunate in family and friends.  But I never take it for granted.  I know all too well how life can change in a moment and set us careening off in directions we can't imagine.  So my intentions for 2014 are to continue to do the things I love:  make more music, enjoy being creative, do physical activities, and spend time with those I love.  Very dull, but that's me!

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