Tuesday, March 11, 2014


My daughter came to visit on the weekend, so any thoughts of sewing or knitting went right out the window!  As anyone with adult children knows, it's a joy to have them visit--it means they actually want to see us!

It was one of those picture perfect winter times with fresh snow and dark blue skies, perfect for being outdoors.

We did the traditional snowshoe trek, but found it was hard going.  We usually put on our snowshoes at the back of the barn, but Emma made one step too many and ended up in soft snow past her boots, so had to back out quickly to get her gear on!  It was fine going across the fields where the wind polishes and hardens the snow,

 but in the woods, it was soft and powdery and even with snowshoes, it was up to my knees in places. That's when it's useful to have a big stick for balance!

Sadly, it was too hard for my faithful companion, so I had to break off and make a trek to the road.  Her hind end doesn't work like a young dog any more, so she was struggling to get going forward with the deep snow.  I had to take three steps for every one step forward to tread it down, making it solid enough for her to walk on.

Once we made it back home, she spent a lot of time snoozing to catch up on her rest!  Neil always makes fun of her with her "dolly" as a pillow, but I find it adorable.

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  1. I just have to say your dog is the cutest; well second-cutest. I wouldn't want to hurt my dog's feelings! And it's tough getting old. It looks like a well-deserved rest!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter