Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paper Piecing (deuxième partie)

OK, I'm throwing in the towel.  I don't think I've ever had so much difficulty with a seemingly simple block.  I seem to be spatially challenged and had more than one nasty episode with the seam ripper.  Finally, I just decided to own the mistakes, sew it all together and move on to something that doesn't require thinking inside out and upside down!

However, the blocks themselves are very cheery, so I hope the bee recipient this month likes them.

There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on around here, what with raking the winter debris from the lawn, picking up broken branches from the ice storm, and getting foolish horses back under the saddle.  The horses are taking a lot of time, because they are especially silly this year.  There is no end of prancing, dancing and head tossing going on!  I tried to get a shot showing how windy it was, but I was too afraid to take a hand off the reins!

Every year I tease Neil about his winter wood pile, also known as the Wall of Wood.  This year it is particularly fine!

But he's gone beyond and is now building the great wall of China!  The man does enjoy a good pile of wood, and we do love to have enough to last the winter.  This year we ran out in March, and it was no fun burning green wood.  It's never a good idea to cut, split and burn the same day.

He's starting on the second row and I have no idea when he's going to stop.  This doesn't include the 40 or so cords in the shed ready to be sold in the fall.  I think it needs to warm up so he can go golfing!

The daffodils are starting to bloom and the grass is getting a bit greener, so I hope we can say that spring is here i


  1. Wow, that is a lot of wood!! And your blocks look great to me! Of course, I have no idea how to even paper piece, so I'm just struggling along with yseams at the moment....

  2. I love your blocks! Especially love that you used the dark grey. I have to try that sometime. Paperpiecing can be frustrating at times.

  3. The blocks look good but the stacks of wood are intimidating! :O

  4. Your paper pieced blocks look good - keep up the good work do not let that paper piecing beat you. I loved reading your blog and your great photographs. We are complaining that it is only going to be 19c today and are all wrapped up. We don't have a wood pile or even a fire place - we don't need one. Congratulations to your husband for all his hard work in making that wood wall. Keep warm and Happy Quilting.

  5. The blocks look good from here! I find paper piecing can be very frustrating at times and I have a lot of experience using the seam ripper!

  6. I have only paper pieced once. I managed to finish the block, but I did not really enjoy that inside out and upside down feeling either. Your completed blocks look great to me! That is an impressive wall of wood. We do wood here and are still burning yet. Our wood room is all but empty, but there is still a great pile just outside it yet. Yes, green wood doesn't burn well or throw the heat. What a load of work it is!

  7. I love your blocks and the fabrics you used make them bright and cheery! Congratulations on getting them done. I am not a paper piecer either having only tried it a few times and I can relate to the frustration. LOVE that wood pile!! We ran out in March too... we have 2 cords on order for next year... perhaps 4 cords would be better! :)