Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sugaring Off Season

Saturday was the annual BMP Hospital sugaring off party fundraiser, and what a terrific day it was!  The sun was shining and temperatures went up to 15 degrees, and that alone can put a smile on anyone's face!  It's an annual event that has been hosted by the same family for 22 years now, the Rhicards from Stanbridge East.  It's an event where you meet everyone you know, knew, or will know from all over the countryside. It's kind of like a county fair, but without the rides!

The air was full of the smell of syrup boiling and the sugar-on-snow troughs did a brisk business.

There were four teams of horses giving wagon rides around the farm.  I am particularly fond of Dave Evans girls that were being driven by his grandson, under his expert eye.

A troika hitch was there too, not something you see very often.

There were demonstrations of working with hand tools--this gentleman is making a wagon wheel.

Here, John Rhicard is squaring up a beam. (There has been a sawmill on the farm for over 100 years)

One of the barns was set up for dancing, with people of all ages joining.  I always love the country duos who play, sing, and have taps on their shoes for percussion.  Such fun.

Rob Young brought his ox, who also pulled a wagon for a few rides.

But then he got tired and had to take a nap!

All in all, it was a wonderful community fundraiser with over 900 local people showing up to support our local hospital.  My hat is off to the organizers.

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