Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hello 2017

Well, here I am again. Creativity has definitely taken second place in my life the last six months.  My mother went into palliative care in August and most of my energy was taken with accompanying her in her last months.  She died the end of November, brave to the end and she will be greatly missed.  She will always be remembered for her smile and her enormous love of life and everyone around her.  She had a gift for friendship, and a true kindness of spirit.

She and my daughter were kindred spirits and it has hit Emma hard.  But how lucky they both were to be able to spend time together.  I love this photo that Emma took last year--mum dearly loved rings!

I have made a few things in the last two months and decided to start a quilt for each of my children at the beginning of December.  Yes, not a smart thing to do, but it kept me busy and I was happy to be back in sewing world.  So, with no pattern in mind and using fabric that I had on hand, I made them each a Christmas gift.

There's no point even trying to remember what fabric lines were used, but I decided on neutral for both quilts.

My husband was particularly enamoured with this fishing fabric!

And I know that I decided to stop hoarding this stuff and just use it for a backing.  (Wasn't easy though!)

For the second, I had bits and pieces left over and decided to tie it all together with grey and lime green.  It was well received but I forgot to take a picture with my son draped in it.  I made it extra long for him and it was a beast to wrestle through my machine.  I went with simple straight line quilting for both due to time constraints.

Again, a simple back using up the last of the leftovers!

I know this one is getting a lot of use!

Living on a farm we are always well aware of weather and wildlife, so here's a little look at my outside life.

This was the morning after a windy and wild night.  I love the light on the wood pile with the dark storm clouds behind.

This is the smallest stone sculpture that Neil has made.  I think it looks like one of those Japanese snow monkeys.

Again, beautiful light in the morning.

And the squirrels are still with us! (looking very overweight too!)


  1. The quilts are superb ! Absolutely gorgeous !
    I do love the picture with the dramatic clouds and the sunlight on the wood, so beautiful, it has some magic within.
    Love from Belgium !

  2. This is a gorgeous quilt! I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

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