Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Bits and Pieces

No large finishes this week but a couple of small pleasures for me.  I always like to make zippy pouches for any occasion.  Last week a dear friend was celebrating a milestone birthday so I whipped up a little something using a charm pack that was on hand.  So satisfying to take little pieces and make them into another thing altogether.

Neil had a finish too! A few months ago he found a tree with a large burl on it. (a rounded knotty growth on a tree, giving an attractive figure when polished and used especially for handcrafted objects and veneers-dictionary, no me)

He polished it up and mounted it on a piece of black cherry that was lying around and I really like it.  When you turn it in different directions you can see completely different creatures.  Sometimes it looks like an elephant, sometimes an owl, and sometimes an octopus.  I guess I have a vivid imagination! Right now it appears to be a surly alien.

Another little finish was a block for a scrappy  bee.  The call was for low volume and any colour you want--easy and satisfying.

Yesterday the snow was sliding off the back roof but I liked the frozen lines transferred from the tin and the extended icicles.


  1. Sweet January things! Darling pouch! Very cool burl! Pretty bee block! And fun memories for me, of overhanging snow!!!

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