Monday, March 11, 2013

Still Winter

It's been a turbulent week--turbulent weather, turbulent emotions.  Winter is capricious now, not like it used to be with reliable snow falls and crisp weather.  Now we never know what to expect.  I guess it's a metaphor for the way the world is now since we can never know from day-to-day what will happen.  I remember when my children were little I would coast along happily thinking that I had everything under control and then some new challenge would pop up and send me off track.  I feel like everything around me is in a state of flux and even though I work very hard to find peace and happiness in my little corner of life, the world has a habit of intruding.  And yet I'm so lucky to live where I live.  Yes, there is winter, yes, sometimes we have language issues, but we are able to buy food, go where we want, and have a reasonable expectation of a hopeful future.  So many places are not like that.  Maybe I should stop watching the news.

So, I will show something that never fails to lift my spirits--sunshine on snow.

Then there's my warrior barn cat who's 16 years old and counting.  He's deaf, missing a tail and generally moth-eaten, but he still enjoys life and makes the trek up from the barn to the porch for  food and lovings every day.   He watches the birds at the bird feeder and I hear him thinking, "Yes, I used to hunt those things, but now I'll just watch them".  

Every once in a while he forgets his advanced age and makes a giant leap to pounce, but of course never catches.  So he indulges in some displacement grooming, pretending that he never had any intention of actually catching a bird.


Not too much sewing or knitting to report since other things have taken precedence.  Maybe next week--remember, no guilt!

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  1. Great old cat :-).

    I too am dealing with a recent stroke patient - 89 year old neighbor and beekeeping partner. Whew.

    You should add a "follow" button. Nice blog!