Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Paper Piecing Makes Me Cry

Soooo, I joined a new bee this year called the Stash Bee--it sounded low stress with no particular fabrics required--theoretically using scraps.  January went well with the block made and sent within the first week, but then February came along and the poor sweet girl wanted a block with paper piecing.  My heart started to race and my innate procrastination ability leapt to the fore.  I moved into, "if I don't think about it, it doesn't exist".  I know, I am pathetic.

Anyway, today I dutifully went to work and three hours later I have a sad little wonky paper pieced pink hat. I really wanted to do a super job with this block, but it didn't start well with the first efforts being thrown out.  First, I create chaos as shown below.

Have you noticed the pretty pussycat hat on the screen? (instructions at )

And here's mine.  I am usually a meticulous sewer with matching points but this was the best I could do.  I will send it along to the recipient and hope she can use it.  It's always good to be humbled I guess!

I did make a couple of  pouches for friends this month.  One had  Valentine's on one side with an homage to Canada's 150th anniversary on the other.

A friend was heading off the New Zealand so I made a pouch to hold all her electronics cables. Each side is different, using two orphan blocks where I played around with strips.  I decided there wasn't enough contrast so I abandoned that idea but they are great to use up for pouches.

It's been a snowy winter here in Quebec, with the snow almost too deep for snowshoeing.  On my last foray to the woods I sank in up to my knees with each step and got very tired very quickly.  But it sure is beautiful.

I'm linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts today.  


  1. I guess that is one reason why I do not participate in block swap type of things - I don't mind the way I make blocks and leave room to square up and do not mind if they are not perfect but some are very picky about their blocks and I do not want to disappoint nor stress out so I don't do them. Love your photos of the snow and here it is early spring already

  2. I too have a love hate relationship with paper piecing. I love your pouches! What pattern did you use?