Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Black and White Animal Quilt

After a long, wet, cold spring we are finally into full summer, and with summer there is always so much to do outside that indoor work gets shoved aside!

But, I did manage to finish a sweet little baby quilt that a friend asked me to make.  The recipient is unknown so I just went with whatever I could find in my sewing world.  At some point I bought a panel of black and white stylized animal fabric so I decided to start with that and see what happened.

It turned out fine!

(Glad I got that pedicure last week!)

Luckily I also had a lovely polka dot piece that was just big enough for the backing. Don't you love it when the stars align like that.

I also tried something new for me, wavy lined quilting, which was very easy and satisfying.  I couldn't believe how fast it was and it definitely conceals many small imperfections.  I'll do that again.

I always like pictures of rolled up quilts and couldn't resist having that owl take centre stage.

It's another beautiful day, so I'll quickly link this up with Sew Fresh Quilts  and get out there for my morning walk.


  1. What a sweet quilt! The backing is perfect, so colorful!

  2. What a super cute quilt, love that you added the bright fun colors to the black and white pieces. Great thinking!